Pirates of the Strait

Pirates of the Strait. A story of pirate lords, kings, mages and political intrigue. The story follows the history of The Strait, a fictional body of water where the current runs fast and the undercurrents run faster. Alliances, loyalties and leadership can change in the blink of an eye, there is no honor among thieves and even less among kings.

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The Evolution of Vaughn

Vaughn, a human born on a distant planet long after earth has been destroyed, is the first of his race to be invited to the prestigious Fogerian War Institute. After glory in the Fogerian War with the parasitic E’Clei, Vaughn is raised to the rank of Captain, and given command of The Reetus for the duration of the conflict. 

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The Nalo Syndicate by Kirk Allmond

The Nalo Syndicate

Sho and Siri are twins who were just forced out of their foster home on their eighteenth birthday.  Through the generosity of their benefactor, they were able to purchase a small, junked transport vessel.  With no reputation or experience, the only work they could find was carrying stolen goods across the galaxy.  Like most smugglers with no experience, the pair runs afoul of the Ansei Empire.
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